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Should A Proxy Web Server Be Used By Regular People?

When doing online transactions, we should protect our privacy. It is really important because it helps us maintain our personal details. But sometimes, even hackers can penetrate our personal computers. It may then lead to other concerns like identity theft. On the other hand, protecting our privacy is simply a matter of choice. So one should know what a proxy is when surfing the internet. This could well mask our privacy to prevent attacks. With a proxy server, online browsing will be safer. What can this technology do for us? Here are some good details. You can also get here

A proxy server is used to access the net without any traces. It is good for people who like to view sensitive info on the net. It may be a personal preference but it could serve a purpose for all of us. The proxy becomes the secondary channel before accessing the net. This way, your access will not be traceable at all. It is good when you want to browse at work or public place. In terms of surfing, no one will know which site you visited. You may erase the details in the history but proxy servers are better. Get more here

Another use of proxy servers is when you have an ad on your site. You could have ads if you won a website. Most ad networks prevent users from viewing their own ads on a site. Ads can be in per thousand impressions too. So your site will be inflamed when you always visit your site. This is not a good thing leading to banning of your account. But a proxy site should be a good thing. You can skip the ads when you visit the website too. So every visit will not count as yours. You can maintain your account with the network too.

One more reason to use a proxy server is to prevent hackers. These hackers could access your computer when you visit a site online. With a proxy, they are not able to see where you will go. So your identity in the computer will be preserved longer. Proxies will serve as shields.